Signage and Wheel Stops

Signage and wheel stops are also important to address when safety concerns exist. Signage should be clear and concise and not be faded. Wheel stops should be anchored and positioned properly. Often times after winter rebar protrudes creating a safety issue. Rebar should be reinstalled, wheel stop realigned and rebar should be slightly recessed used as an anchor.

Every job we undertake at SKC Construction is completed with safety in mind–that’s why we take signage and wheel stops seriously. When you partner with SKC Construction, we’ll provide bright, durable traffic markings that dry quickly for quick project turnaround and establish a accurate flow of  traffic for both pedestrians and vehicles. As a full service provider of pavement maintenance solutions for over 35 years, we can also supply and install rubber and concrete speed bumps and wheel stops to fit your safety needs.

Are you in need of federally-approved signage for parking lots, crosswalks or roadways? SKC Construction has thought through the requirements. From handicapped parking signage to speed and loading zone markings, we cover all the bases. We also provide concrete coring to make sure your signage stays in place.