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Preserving pavement should be of the highest concern for owners and the public because of the saving realized over and extended period of time.  Pavement preservation is defined as programs and activities employing a network level, long term strategy that enhances pavement performance. By using an integrated, cost-effective set of practices that extend pavement life, improve safety, and meet road user expectations. Pavement maintenance is most effective when pavement is structurally sound and exhibits little or no distress.  “Its only as good as what you put it on”. The long term answer is to keep the surface well preserved by implementing various pavement maintenance methods at the right time. This increases the life cycle of asphalt concrete and reduces future maintenance costs. Crack sealing is among the most cost effective and should be addressed prior to other maintenance. Please call for pricing.

Why Pavement Preservation?

As green technology evolves asphalt pavement mix designs have changed and are more susceptible to cracking. New pavement often cracks at the seams within months of placement. When you add in freeze thaw cycles then seams begin to fail. After repaving consider crack sealing seams after the first year to increase the life cycle of your new parking lot or roadway. A good rule of thumb is, “to keep good roads in good condition”.

Our harsh weather conditions, freeze thaw cycles, snow plowing and salting take a toll on all asphalt surfaces. Asphalt pavement will expand and contract due to temperature differences or thermal expansion and contraction. We know asphalt pavement will inevitably crack. The number one priority on any asphalt surface is to water proof cracks with hot applied sealant. Hot applied sealant withstands expansion and contraction, freeze thaw cycles, prevents water entry and reduces base failures.

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