Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is weather a concern?

A: Yes, sealcoating should not be applied if rain is imminent within 24 hours. Ambient temperature should be 50 degrees or above for at least 24 hours during period of application and after.

Q: How long should wait until I can drive my car on seal coated surface?

A: Owners should allow 24 hours prior to driving on newly Sealcoated surfaces.

Q: How often should I sealcoat?

A: Every 2-3 years is usual however this will vary due to traffic and weathering

Q: How does phasing work?

A: If the condition exists we will discuss prior to completing the work on your property for continued operations in your parking area during scheduled work.

Q: When can pavement markings be applied?

A: After seal coating is cured generally 24 hours before we can re-stripe.

Q: What benefits does sealcoating offer?

A: Read our page on the many values of sealcoating.

Q: How long does sealcoating take to dry?

A: Even though seal coating may be dry to the touch it takes 24 hours to reach a full cure. For best results and future performance, we recommend staying off treated surfaces for 24 hours.

Q: What if I have oil spots?

A: Oil spots will be treated with a primer to prepare the area to receive Sealcoating. The ensures proper adhesion and superior performance of the Sealcoating.

Q: Does sealcoating have limitations?

A: All products have their limitations. An experienced contractor will ensure that application of the product and workmanship have been achieved so that performance is not compromised.

Q: Does sealcoating repair cracks?

A: Sealcoating does not repair cracks, if the pavement has cracks they should be addressed with the proper hot applied sealant prior to sealcoating.

Q: Can I water my lawn?

A: We recommend waiting at least 24 hours prior to watering your lawn in areas where water may contact a newly sealcoated asphalt surface.